Darrell's Domain Home - Runway


The aim of this software was to create an interactive experience for attendees in the Active Zone of the Gadget Show Live 2015

This software allowed up to 4 people to race against pre recorded videos of the Gadget Show presenters. The video was played on an LED screen the length of the racetrack to make it actually look like people were racing against the presenters.

The technology behind this was a multi-head PC with 2 outputs providing the 5600 pixels wide display on the LED screen and a third screen showing the control panel. The control panel allowed the entering of the participants names so that they would appear on the screen as well.

A laser trip mechanism was used to signal when someone had crossed the finish line - this worked by sending a keypress by USB to the controlling PC. There was also a specialist keyboard setup to make life easier for the person controlling the screens and starting the races.