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Remotely Controlling Multiple GoPro Cameras From a PC

The GoPro cameras are fully WiFi capable and can run in 2 modes - either Server mode where the computer connects to it, or WiFi mode where several cameras can all connect to one WiFi Remote available from GoPro.

The aim of this project was to get the GoPro cameras to connect to a PC rather than the WiFi Remote.

To do this I had to reverse engineer the protocol the cameras use to talk to the Remote. I was successful in doing this and have an application that is capable of controlling multiple cameras at the same time.

Unfortunately the funding for this project fell through and I lost access to the cameras so the application was never completely finished and never got beyond the proof of concept stage showing that I could control multiple cameras at the same time.

Requirements / Setup

Windows PC (only tested under XP but should work fine on 7/8)
WiFi card/usb device that can be put into access point mode and can have its MAC address altered (for MAC address see: http://www.nthelp.com/NT6/change_mac_w2k.htm)
DHCP server running on the PC (I use http://dhcp-dns-server.sourceforge.net/ but there are many others out there)

Put WiFi device into AP mode and set its MAC address to D8:96:85:00:00:00
Set its IP address to:
Set its SSID to be HERO-RC-000000
Lest 6 digits must match last digits of MAC address
Setup DHCP to issue IP addresses on the 10.71.79.x subnet